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Success Story: How a Leading Gaming App Developer Increased Revenue by 35% Partnering with Chocolate Ad Mediation

Gaming apps are the major contributors of revenue across App Store and Google Play. Yet, monetization remains a challenge for many gaming app developers. What holds them back is the misconception that integrating an ad mediation SDK will be time consuming and impact user experience. Things were no different with one of our clients, who took time to adopt but now cohesively feel it was one of their best decisions.

With kickass technology used for matching people with tasks like watching a video, trying products & services and in turn rewarding them for the successful completion of these micro-tasks made this leading game a hit. Having over 1 million downloads and awe reviews, the app developers had cracked the code of creating a successful game. The developers were however in a fix as their efforts did not translate into an equally effective business, that fetched a steady stream of revenue.

The game developers while looking for answers related to monetization, maximizing revenues & utilizing unsold inventory to its full potential, decided to partner with Chocolate Ad Mediation. Chocolate’s app monetization platform comes bundled with premium ad networks which improved the gaming apps fill rates by 2X. Ad spots started fetching high yielding demand from multiple demand sources. This in combination with Chocolate’s lightweight, plug-and-play SDK made it the right solution for the app.

Gaming App DeveloperChocolate worked closely with the game developers for crafting a sophisticated monetization strategy that delivered high fill rates through use of innovative ad placements that helped grow ad revenues by over 35%. Our variety of in-app video ads like rewarded videos and interstitial ads were best suiting the app’s flow and user experience. Moreover, our focus on due diligence and dedicated account management built the trust and provided the game developers the comfort of having chosen the right monetization partner.

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