Mobile Video Ads For Advertisers, DSPs, Brands and Agencies

Programmatic Mobile Video Ads

Leverage Quality In-App and Mobile Web Inventory Programmatically


Our unique technology allows video ads to run across mobile web and mobile app.


Ensures reach to the right person at the right time in the right place.


Quality publishers assures relevant and scalable audience reach.


A unique suite of measurement, verification and targeting partners.

How to buy

Programmatic Direct

Direct server to server integration through VAST tags. VAST 2.0 enabled.

Programmatic RTB

Participate in a bidding environment through Chocolate Marketplace. VAST 2.0 enabled. Support for Open RTB 2.2 protocol.

Managed Services

Direct server to server integration through VAST tags. VAST 2.0 enabled.

Measure Impact of every ad dollar spent

Ad Mediation


Branded Third Party Data Partners

Ad Mediation


Measurement Partners

Our programmatic platform offers precise audience verification and accurate attribution. Leveraging industry leading accredited partners Chocolate offers a safe and transparent platform for mobile video advertising.

Get Preferred Access to Mobile Video Inventory

Preferred access to any video ad type you want, per audience segment
Preferential deal terms & choose VAST or OpenRTB
Viewability measurable & brand-safe

Video Ad Formats That Scale

Video Ad Formats
  • A set of innovative ad formats that are created keeping user's interest in mind.
  • Seamless and Easy Integration across Mobile Web and Apps.
  • IAB VAST compliant (Pre-roll, rewarded, native and full screen video ads) 

Leading Partner Integrations

Leading Partner Integrations