Programmatic Video Ads For Demand Partners

Run high-quality video ads across mobile, desktop and connected TV (CTV)

100% Server-to-Server Programmatic Video Buying

Premium and Unique In-App, Mobile Web, Desktop and CTV Ad Inventory


Reach 45+ premium publishers with 1000+ websites and apps generating 1 billion+ video ad requests monthly


Shortened supply path with direct server-to-server connection. No complex wrappers/tags to navigate

Ad Quality

100% fraud-free platform with IAB's Sellers.json and SupplyChain Object implemented. Onyl ads.txt and app-ads.txt compliant ad inventory.

Bid Enrichment

Intelligent data signals (est. viewability score, est. vcr, minimum bid to win metric) in every bid request empowers DSPs/ATDs to make informed decisions.

Choose the way your brand wants to buy media

Open Market

Advertisers participate in a real-time bidding environment on Chocolate

Private Marketplace (PMP) Guaranteed/Non-Guaranteed

Negotiated CPMs with first-look access of inventory you can’t access anywhere

Managed Services

Traditional insertion orders (I/O) utilizing direct server-to-server integration through VAST tags

Yield Optimization for better ROI

Advanced technology platform & decades of experience (churning out ~ 1TB data daily)
Analysis of existing & historical data to determine which areas of inventory are performing well, and which are not
24x7 Account Management support to help you maximize the efficiency
Daily push alerts on any data outliers through our Data Analytics and Reporting platform

Extensive Focus on Ad Quality

Bid confidently on every impression - Most granular, transparent dashboard to analyze fraud levels, types, viewability rates, and brand safety risk

Ad Fraud
  • - IAB's Sellers.json and OpenRTB Supply Chain Object implemented
  • - Advanced in-house fraud detection methods to stop fraud before it happens
  • - 80%+ Viewability on Chocolate Premium
  • - Real-time dashboard
  • - Available on Mobile web, app and desktop
  • - Real-time analytics and reporting in an easy to use dashboard
  • - Powered by Sigmoid, a full stack real-time analytics tool
  • - Sellers.json file hosted on main domain for review

A set of IAB VAST compliant innovative ad formats that are created keeping user's interest in mind

This 320x480px ad space can change based on different integrations. Ad unit can play within site pages or within native video player across mobile web and apps


Ad Mediation Pre Roll Screen

Sound On
User Initiated
Skip | Non-Skip
Mobile Web | App

This ad unit allows the unit to push down the entire screen and play the ad in full screen. Auto-plays video ads and resolves to original app or mobile site

Full Screen Interstitial

Ad Mediation Screen Interstitial

Sound Off
Skip | Non-Skip
Mobile Web | App
Customizable Banner
End card (Optional)

Give app users a choice to watch video ads in exchange for a reward which can be in-app virtual currency, additional life in-game, access to free content, etc.

Rewarded Video

Ad Mediation Rewarded Video

Sound Off
Mobile App

Video ad auto-plays either inline with content or by pushing the page half down. Video paused if people scroll past.

Native Video / Inview

Ad Mediation Native Video

Sound Off
Skip | Non-Skip
Mobile Web
Customizable Banner

Leading Partner Integrations

Leading Partner Integrations