Chocolate Premium

Worlds' First Video SSP With 100% Server-Side Auctions

Connecting Premium Brands With Premium Publishers

An Invite-Only Platform

  • 100% server-side auctions
  • High Viewability & VCR
  • Bid Enrichment
  • Ideal SPO
  • Unique & Premium Supply
  • In-Stream and Out-Stream Video Ads

Our Video Advertising Solutions

Chocolate Premium

Invite-only video SSP connecting premium brands with premium publishers at scale

Solution For Advertiser

Scale, transparency & quality inventory for your Mobile Video Ads needs

Solution For Publisher

Unlock the true potential of your mobile inventory with industry leading eCPMs & Fill Rates 

Why Is A Server-Side Auction Valuable for a Programmatic Buyer?

No Latency

All auctions are conducted in a server, the user's browser is unaffected which reduces the page load time considerable and improves the overall latency

Suited for Video Ads

Video bidding is managed over a server and has no impact on web page load time. Additionally, all major OTT advertising is done server-to-server since there is no open ended webpage ecosystem

Ideal SPO

Server-side auction involves minimum hassle and steps for buyers to reach their desired audience. No complex header wrappers and tags to navigate.

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