What is CCPA?

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), was enacted in 2018, to provide control and transparency to California consumers with respect to the collection and usage of their personal information. The act is effective from Jan 1, 2020.

The law gives California consumers the right to know what personal data businesses collect, how they use it, who they share with and an option to opt-out or direct businesses to not sell their personal data.

This law is applicable to businesses that have annual gross revenue in excess of $25M or buy, receive, sell or share personal information of 50,000+ California consumers or households or derives 50% or more of its revenues from selling consumers personal information

CCPA Compliance
 IAB’s CCPA Compliance Framework

Chocolate’s Compliance with CCPA

Chocolate is fully committed to complying with all legislation and regulatory requirements under CCPA. We have updated Privacy Policy, Partner Agreements, Terms of Services and Vendor Agreements and are fully complied with IAB’s Limited Service Provider Agreement (LSPA). Chocolate is also adhering to IAB’s CCPA Compliance Framework which involves technical implementation for OpenRTB and tag-based programmatic transactions and enables complete transparency for consumers to know how the data is collected, shared and an option to opt-out. To know more contact your account manager or write to us here.



What do I have to do to make may business CCPA compliant?

Determination of your role is critical to design the correct privacy policy and comply with CCPA. Based on your business activities and law all the firms will either be categorized as a 'Business', or as a 'Service Provider' or both.

What is Chocolate Platform doing?
Chocolate has taken the position of "Service Provider" for all its supply and demand-side engagements which includes Chocolate Marketplace and Chocolate Premium Video SSP. Chocolate is a service provider for publishers and supply partners as we use consumer's personal information provided by the publisher to pass on to our advertisers/demand partners for the purpose of filling the purchased ad inventory. Chocolate does not "sell" any personal data for earning revenue. We act as a service provider and all our publisher partners act as a Business for us. In support of these new regulations that require user consent for California Consumers personal data to be collected, processed and distributed for advertising purposes we will be updating:
  • Publisher Data Processor Agreement
  • Our OpenRTB protocol
  • Contract agreements with Supply Partners, Publishers
  • Privacy Policy and Policies for Supply-side partners and
  • Our Terms of Services
Where can I see the updated Privacy Policy?

You can see the updated Privacy Policy here

Will Chocolate collect consent from end users?

Chocolate is not a first party to communicate with end-users, we require our publishers & app developers to request consent for us. An app developer or publisher who is using Chocolate's services need to pass a value of the consent/US Privacy String to us in the bid request.

What do Publishers working with Chocolate via Google Exchange Bidding/Open Bidding need to do?

If a publisher is working with us directly (via Google EB or Chocolate Marketplace), we will share an addendum to our existing contracts that will include CCPA compliance terms.

Is Chocolate a Signatory of Limited Service Provider Agreement (LSPA)?

Yes, Chocolate is a Signatory under Limited Service Provider Agreement. We pass LSPA value to our downstream participants.

For more information on CCPA compliance, please write to us at ccpa@chocolateplatform.com