Knowing Cyrus Vattes: Your Fellow Chocolate Team Member #OneTeam

  • What does your job entail?
    I’m a Golang engineer for our Chocolate Exchange. I also work closely with our data pipeline engineers to ensure proper testing and analysis of our products.
  • Tell us about your background prior to joining Chocolate
    Prior to Chocolate, I worked as a freelance web developer and in corporate finance 
  • What are your interests outside of work? What do you prefer doing on weekends?
    Outside of work I enjoy board/tabletop games, rock climbing, fencing, and writing. During the weekend, I can be found hiking, barbecuing, and going to brunch with friends.
  • What motivates you to get going every morning?
    Every day is a learning experience, whether it’s fixing bugs at work or simply finding a better recipe for green bean casserole.
  • Cyrus2What are the 5 things that you can’t live without?
    A good book to read, a new challenge at work, a creative outlet (for me, it’s writing), amazing friends, and my ever-growing playlist of good music.
  • What’s the one achievement you are proud of and why?
    A few years ago, one of my short stories was published for the first time. It felt amazing to have some external validation of my work.
  • Which place you would like to visit if given a chance?
    I’ve been wanting to visit Germany for a few years now.
  • Your favorite jargon at work
    We like to put “choco-“ in front of everything at work. My favorite was when we had a “chocothon” to squash some bugs.
  • Things that you like about Chocolate
    I really love how close-knit the group is. Even with departments spread over half the world, we still get together to fix problems big and small.
  • One movie you loved watching in recent times
    I recently watched “Die Farbe”, a German black and white adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s “The Color Out of Space”. The movie did the great job of retelling the story in a new setting, and added some mind-bending plot twists to keep you guessing the whole time.
  • What’s the best meal you have ever had and where?
    Sauerbraten, spätzle, and rotkohl at a little hole-in-the-wall German restaurant in Washington. Amazing food, great service, and pleasant company.