Knowing Ashley Dees: Your Fellow Chocolate Team Member #OneTeam

  • Everyone say hi to Ashley Dees, Business Development Executive at our San Francisco, CA office. Although Ashley has a busy schedule trying to onboard new clients, it was easy-peasy to track her for this quick conversation. She has studied Anthropology and really understands physiological characteristics that distinguish one person from another. An adventurer at heart Ashley believes in “Things go wrong – Life goes on”. Time to familiarize Ashley to others in her own words!
  • What does your job at Chocolate entail?
    An average day for me involves mapping and reaching out app/ game developers and discussing their monetization strategies. It’s all about unlocking/ maximizing the true ad revenue potential of their mobile game/app for me. Apart from helping app developers accomplish their business goals my main focus is onboarding the maximum number of publishers for Chocolate. My work involves contacting new publishers over call, email and industry events. I travel frequently mostly within United States meeting publishers from across the globe. The last expo I attended was E3 at Los Angles.
  • Event AshleyYour favorite moment with the Chocolate team so far.
    Hanging out at the Fortnite party with Dillon Francis & Marshmellow! Can’t forget that 
  • Things that you like about working at Chocolate?
    I am a people’s person, I enjoy going to conferences, interacting with app developers and those who love gaming, to hear & learn about their games and playing them (Chuckles). I love what I do and do what I love and that’s what makes Chocolate Platform special for me. It allows me to be me!
  • Tell us about your experience prior to joining Chocolate.
    Prior to joining Chocolate Platform I have worked with a few tech startups in Florida mostly in account management and sales profiles. My previous roles have helped me develop skills like effective client communication, tracking sales metrics, preparing detailed proposals and quotations for customers. That’s what I bring to my current role at Chocolate.
  • What are your pursuits outside of work? What do you prefer doing on weekends?
    As you mentioned I am an adventurer, I enjoy extreme sports like hiking, rock climbing and skiing they give me the much-needed adrenaline rush. On those sparse days when I am not out & living life, I sit back at home recharging my batteries playing video games – love them!
  • Which apps are keeping you occupied nowadays?
    YooLotto, I am analyzing the best ad formats and placement for the app. PRO Soccer Manager 2018 Cup, being a soccer fan myself and since it’s in the air right now, I am completely hooked. Last but not the least Aria’s Legacy, I recommend it to all those who enjoy mystery and augmented reality.
  • One thing that not many people know about you.
    I play World of Warcraft, its finally out in the open I enjoy role-playing, and this is one of my favorites.
  • Which place would you like to visit if given a chance?
    The next destination on my bucket list is – Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.
  • One movie you relished watching in recent times.
    I love Sci-Fi movies, so I would have to say its Mad Max: Fury Road for me. Its one of the greatest action movie ever made.