Don’t Forget to Update to Chocolate Mediation SDK 2.5.5, with – Chocolate Init ( ) & Google Native Prefetch

We’ve released a new version of Chocolate Ad Mediation SDK, v2.5.5 that comes fully loaded with Chocolate Init ( ) function and supports Google Native Prefetch. We expect to get more valid ads from Google as well as other demand SDK partners with the introduction of this new version. App Developers shall be able to produce higher yield with our SDK 2.5.5

  • Chocolate Init ( ) Launch
    App Developers can pre-initialize the demand SDKs before making the first ad request with Chocolate Init ( ) function. This shall result in faster turn-around time for getting valid ads from demand SDKs. This new function shall significantly bring down the time spend in fetching valid ads.
  • Google Native Prefetch
    During our R&D process we found that Google's very first ad takes quite a long time before returning a valid ad. To address this, we have implemented 'asynchronous', native prefetching of Google ad. So that more valid ads can be fetched before SSP auction timeout.

For Android, all integration options (Android native, Unity, Cordova, and Cocos2d-x) have been updated to v2.5.5.

For iOS, only native iOS is updated to SDK 2.5.5. We will be updating other iOS plugins shortly.

To benefit from these new functions don’t forget to update to Chocolate Ad Mediation SDK 2.5.5. App Developers can also get started by referring to our documentation.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below — we’d love to hear from you.