News & Entertainment App Adds Steady Stream of Revenue by Choosing Ad Mediation

News & Entertainment App Adds Steady Stream of Revenue by Choosing Ad Mediation

Our client, the first & only app that helps manage lottery play, allows users to win up to $1 million every week. It offers refreshing content and an opportunity to make a fortune which makes it well-loved by users. The app has been created by a highly skilled team of developers and designers which has earned it awe feedback and a solid increase in positive reviews on the app store.

Users can read about current events, learn interesting facts, or watch premium video content and get rewarded using the app. It offers one of the best ‘Watch & Earn’ user experience and to continue doing so, the app developers decided to use Chocolate’s Ad Mediation solution powered with universal auction or unified auction bidding technology. They recently integrated Chocolate Ad Mediation SDK with the goal of monetizing & increasing ad revenues with rewarded video ads, all while providing a positive user experience.

In particular, they were looking for a solution which is easy to integrate, does not involve the hassles of managing multiple ad networks/ SDKs and optimizes each ad impression. The app developers did not have the time or expertise to manually manage various demand sources. To address this, they decided to try ad mediation which is a holistic solution that comes bundled with a no. of mediating ad networks, is easy as only 1 SDK is integrated and supports innovative ad formats.

Having been in the AdTech industry for over a decade, we understand precisely the challenges faced by publishers & the criticality of monetization. The vision behind our Ad Mediation solution, is to enable app developers & publishers focusing on ads, generate more revenue. In our quest we are creating technologies that are critical to the mobile app world. Through our Mediation platform, we bring to the table fair & transparent practices like Universal Auction/ In-App Header Bidding which can help publishers earn more from their advertising inventory and create better ad experiences for users.” – Shivam Srivastava, AVP – Business Development, Chocolate

The app sees 93% fill rate with Chocolate Ad Mediation

Chocolate’s 1 Single SDK comes bundled with multiple ad networks like AdMob, Facebook, Applovin, Unity, Vungle, etc. which means an app developer can fill his inventory with ads from any of these premium demand sources. It improves fill rates & leaves no inventory unsold.

The app generates a sustained stream of ad revenue, missing earlier

Chocolate Ad Mediation comes loaded with the most advanced features. It is powered by Universal Auction (popularly known as Unified Auction or In-App Header Bidding) which connects app developers with highest bidding programmatic buyers leaving no money on the table. It is ideal for boosting ad revenues as it is both fair & transparent.

The app gets good reviews on the app stores

Users get frustrated with obstructive ads during play, rewarded videos are loved as they are opt-in, high-quality ads where the user gets what he wants. Chocolate Ad Mediation supports ads formats like rewarded videos which not only drive interaction but lead to a significant surge in completion rates. The app developers noticed user experience improve and more star ratings for the app with rewarded video ads.


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