Kevin Kawai

Knowing Kevin Kawai: Your Fellow Chocolate Team Member #OneTeam

Everyone, please be introduced to Kevin Kawai, SDK Engineering Manager based out of our San Francisco office. Apart from being an SDK engineer and bug fixer at Chocolate, he is a passionate android apps developer and plays games in his spare time. Time to familiarize Kevin to others in his own words!

  • What does your job at Chocolate entail?
    I am part of Engineering team. My job is to develop new product features, fix bugs, test things, and manage things including myself.
  • Tell us about your background prior to joining Chocolate.
    Before joining Chocolate, I was making android apps. Since I am passionate about developing apps, I still create few based on my interest, whenever I have some spare time.
  • What are your interests outside of work? What do you prefer doing on weekends?
    I am a traveler, so I like visiting outside to new places. When I am at home, I like playing counter-strike, tennis and basketball on weekends.
  • Which apps are keeping you engaged nowadays?
    These days I am fond of Amazon Alexa and Google Now.
  • Kevin KawaiOne thing that not many people know about you.
    I used to be a Boy scout. I am proud of the responsibilities that I carried on my shoulders as a Boy scout and I still cherish those moments.
  • Your favorite moment with the Chocolate team so far?
    Going to Disneyland! It is one of those unforgettable moments.
  • Which place you would like to visit if given a chance?
    India. India is home to some of the most ancient civilizations. I am very keen to visit India as it is an amalgamation of several various cultures.
  • Your favorite jargon at work?
    Oh, no I don’t have that.
  • Things that you like about Chocolate/Company?
    As an engineer I love it when my hands get dirty with the code. And at Chocolate I get the opportunity to do it almost daily.
  • One movie you loved watching in recent times?
    Incredibles 2. Delightful animations of my favorite family of superheroes.