Ashok Milind

Knowing Milind Chowdary: Your Fellow Chocolate Team Member #OneTeam

Everyone, please be introduced to Milind Chowdary, Manager – Media Operations at our Gurgaon office. Apart from being an Ad Ops specialist, he is a good dancer and chess player as well. Time to familiarize Milind to others in his own words!

  • What does your job at Chocolate entail?
    I am an initiator and the executor of all Managed services campaigns. I am responsible for smooth implementation, ad trafficking, campaign implementation and optimization.
  • Your favorite moment with the Chocolate team so far?
    2013 Vdopia’s Anniversary party. This one party gave a platform to meet all teams at one place. We danced, we boozed, and we witnessed one’s craziness.
  • Which place you would like to visit if given a chance?
    Las Vegas, a gamblers paradise! I want someone to shout of joy at me “Winner winner chicken dinner”
  • Things that you like about working at Chocolate?
    Jovial sales team, gritty tech team, lovely colleagues, and cool-headed Boss. We all understand each other’s madness. About 70% of my career I spent In Chocolate, and Chocolate is my family. There won’t be any likes and dislikes in families, except relationships. And we have dozens of people who have been for years. That simply says what is good in Chocolate.
  • Tell us about your experience prior to joining Chocolate.
    Worked as Database Administrator, Linux admin but for very small amount of time and moved to Advertising side and made my career in Digital marketing.
  • What are your pursuits outside of work? What do you prefer doing on weekends?
    I usually spend quality time with my adorable twincesses and family, I watch movies, I have a huge collection of old and new movies and a dedicated hard disk for cartoons and Marvel comics (not a big fan of DC). Long drives with friends and to cover at least 2 box office releases are my routine on weekends. And I like to live closer to nature, make more social connections.
  • Ashok MilindOne thing that not many people know about you.
    I play chess like there is no other day to play and I can shake my legs as well. I feel Chess and Dance are only things that keep my brain active. Only few of my friends and colleagues knew this.
  • One movie you loved watching in recent times.
    Most recent is Avengers infinity War. I don’t want to die without watching its sequel. Flowers of war, Interstellar, Memento (In fact all Nolan movies) and the classic Les Misérables (musical) are few I would love to watch again.
  • What are the 5 things that you can’t live without?
    I don’t fall in love with things, but Mobile, Laptop and Internet are exclusions.
  • What’s the best meal you have ever had and where?
    Obviously home food and one of the best meal is pot chicken by Old granny who is very popular on Internet now (Country foods fame Mastanamma). Luckily, she lives in my home town.
  • Tell us about the biggest challenge that you are facing in your current role?
    I am now enjoying what I am doing here in Chocolate. When we enjoy, nothing is a challenge. If something comes up, I will accept the challenge.