[Ad Mediation SDK Update]: React Native Android Plugin to Integrate Rewarded Videos & Full-Screen Interstitial Ads in Your App

Continuing our commitment towards offering the best end-to-end monetization solution for app developers and publishers we announce the release of our React Native Android Plugin.

The release is followed by the awe response we received from partners publishers for the launch of React Native iOS Plugin last month.

The new Plugin will enable android app developers using React Native platform to integrate Chocolate Ad Mediation SDK more easily. We strive to make our solution as easy to integrate as possible. We keep re-inventing our solution to develop an even more user-friendly, lightweight, single SDK having multiple ad networks. The React Native Android Plugin will allow app developers to integrate the following ad units:

  • Rewarded Videos
  • Full-Screen Interstitial

Our Ad Mediation platform now fully supports both Android and iOS for React Native integration option.

What is React Native?

React Native lets you build mobile apps using only JavaScript. One interesting aspect of React Native is, unlike Cordova, the generated mobiles apps are actually natively built in Objective-C and Java (for iOS and Android respectively). In other words, they are not ‘Mobile Web Apps’ or ‘HTML5 Apps’.

Please, go ahead and use the React Native Plugin for iOS and monetize effectively with rewarded videos & full-screen interstitial ads. Start here: https://chocolateplatform.com/sdk-documentation/


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