Skippable Ads Improve Video Ad Viewership

In the last few years, much to consumer’s delight, skippable ads have become prevalent online, particularly in mobile video advertising. What’s great for brand advertisers and publishers is, they actually have significant benefits over non-skippable ads. Skippable ads draw the undivided attention of the consumer, and provide concrete data on viewers that helps brand advertisers and their agencies better analyze the success of a particular video ad campaign.

Previously, advertisers followed the decades-old standard of following viewer impressions, or how many times a viewer was exposed to that ad, to set their prices. However, being exposed to an ad doesn’t necessarily guarantee any absorption of that ad’s content, so impressions were not always a reliable measure of high quality engagement. Something else was needed to quantify viewers of video ads.

Enter: Skippable ads. What skippable ads offer is the calculation of viewers who are not forced to be exposed to an ad they may ultimately ignore but who choose to watch the video ad despite being given the opportunity to skip it. Fewer skips means more eyeballs, or higher-quality impressions for an ad, and those viewers are more qualified than previous impression calculations. .

Every Brand’s Dream

Higher engagement plus better quantification and undivided attention of viewers is a dream for brands, allowing them to better measure the success of their video ad campaigns. This actionable data helps verify the ad platforms that are helping brands create and distribute their ads.

Vdopia is one such purveyor of skippable ads, providing a platform for brands to engage and qualify the viewers of their mobile video ads while targeting their audience using an innovative ad exchange, Chocolate. All ads run through our platform come with a skippability option, however, with our recently launched InView ad format, we’ve gone a step further and built an innovative technology that not only allows running video ads inline with content but also engineered it smartly to make sure ads are viewable and play only when the user is paying attention. We do this by running our new InView technology that pauses the ads when less than 50% of the ad is viewable on a mobile screen. A user can simply skip the ad by scrolling past it that will automatically pause the ad and send a signal to our platform. Thereby, continuing on our commitment to offer intelligent ads that captivates user’s undivided attention and gives user the freedom and right to view the ad or opt out of it. For advertisers, they get complete transparency into viewed, paused, non-viewable ad impressions, thereby offering the best campaign analysis to optimize performance.

Vdopia has promoted skippable ads since our inception in 2008. A recent study by Strata, states that 45.1% users skip the ad before they recognize the product/brand being advertised. So as important it is to give the user control over whether they want to watch the ad or not equally important is to showcase your brand upfront so as to intrigue the user. We’ve provided some additional benefits, tips and stats here to help you maximize the impact of your skippable mobile video ad campaign:

Benefits of skippable Mobile Video Ads