Vdopia Introduces InView, a native video ad format that offers mobile video ad viewability in a measurable and a transparent manner

Fremont, CA (June 3, 2015): Vdopia, the global leader in mobile video advertising, today launched native video ad format named InView. This innovative ad format enables advertisers to place brand video ads inline with content delivering a viewable and a non-obtrusive ad experience. This new ad format is built on InView technology and supported by Vdopia’s patent-published .VDO platform to offer a seamless mobile video ad experience.

How InView WorsksInView technology is smartly engineered to make sure video ads will play only when on-screen and in view of the mobile user. If the user scrolls to where less than 50% of the ad container is viewable, the video will pause. The video will then resume where it left off once the ad container is at least 50% onscreen and in view for the user once again.

“By 2018, mobile will be nearly 50% of total digital video ad spend1. This significant shift towards mobile has led brands seeking scale, viewability and transparency for their ads whereas publishers demand non-intrusive ad experience and best monetization. Through InView we bring a perfect blend that addresses all these requirements and more,” says Saurabh Bhatia, cofounder & CEO of Vdopia.

InView technology allows placing video ads in-line with content on mobile sites, which drives a more connected ad experience. For example, on an article page, the InView ad will render in (between paragraphs) within the article. InView ads are compliant with IAB’s VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) and MOAT, and measureable by Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings, offering advertisers access to the best viewability and audience verification solutions.

“With InView, we’re able to integrate ad placements as part of the overall mobile experience. This new ad format offers auto-play video on mobile web pages, in-line with content, on any smartphone or tablet – without disrupting the user’s web-browsing experience.” says Srikanth Kakani, cofounder & CTO of Vdopia.

For both advertisers and publishers, InView mobile video ads can be bought and sold programmatically via Chocolate, Vdopia’s mobile video ad exchange. This exchange hosts more than 12 billion monthly mobile video ad auctions and sees 156 million unique users in the U.S. each month.

InView can be bought via CPM or CPCV, and the technology supports all major third-party tracking partners.


Nielsen: “With the ever-growing demand for audience verification and proven return-on-investment, Digital Ad Ratings provides the comprehensive digital advertising measurement that all players in the industry need. Digital Ad Ratings measurement of Vdopia’s ad format will give advertisers a complete view of their campaign audience and the ability to more effectively spend their marketing dollars” observed Andrew Feigenson, Managing Director, Digital, Nielsen.

MOAT: “Mobile video advertising has grown tremendously over the past year. Advertisers need to know, however, that their ads have a chance to be seen and be seen by humans. Beyond viewability though is a new world of upside for marketers, one that is more focused on creativity and outcomes. Platforms like Vdopia will help the market move beyond viewability and towards a better place. We’re excited to support Vdopia’s new ad format InView and enable their platform to have Moat Attention Analytics” commented Jonah Goodhart, CEO, MOAT.

Metamarkets: “We’re one of the very first partners when Vdopia launched its mobile video programmatic exchange, Chocolate. With growing demand for mobile video advertising, we’re excited to be the analytics partner of choice for Vdopia and be part of this exciting and dynamic growth phase. As the industry is evolving to add newer mobile video ad formats, we welcome support for Vdopia’s new native video ad format – InView. We believe delivering in-line, non-obtrusive ads programmatically will greatly benefit both the advertisers and publishers looking to reap the best ROI” remarked Mike Driscoll, CEO Metamarkets.

For more information, visit www.vdopia.com or email at marketing@vdopia.com

About Vdopia Inc.

Vdopia (www.vdopia.com) is global programmatic buying and selling platform for mobile video advertising. It is the first company to offer the .VDO mobile video format, a proprietary technology that enables brands to create scalable mobile video ad campaigns on mobile web and apps. Vdopia’s programmatic platform, ‘Chocolate’, is a brand safe, viewable and transparent platform for complete planning, buying and measurement of mobile video ad campaigns. Vdopia Inc. is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Fremont, CA, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, India, Singapore & Australia.

1 eMarketer, 2015