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Why Video Ads on Mobile Are the Best Way to Reach Audiences

With more and more consumers watching TV and video on their smartphones, it’s clear that mobile video is a powerful medium today. Always on the lookout for the next best place to reach the eyes and ears of consumers, businesses and advertisers are looking to mobile video ads as the new solution for reaching their audiences. Here are a few reasons why.


Mobile video ads present arguably the most personal way to reach an audience. With TV, print or banner ads, advertisements can easily be ignored as the audience focuses on the primary content. For example, when TV commercials come on, people often look down at their phones. Radio commercials cause listeners to turn the dial.
But with mobile video ads, businesses are putting their product or service in the palm of their audience’s hands, where smartphones are a primary focus of many consumers today. In the age of text messages and social media accessed by smartphones, few places are more direct and personal to reach a captive audience than video ads on mobile. They can engage an audience in the same way other mobile video content can, such as funny videos or streaming movies.


Banner and rich media ads don’t benefit from the motion and sound an audience can access through mobile video ads. Non-video ads can suffer from being static and less intuitive for audiences to consume. Mobile video ads are able to instruct with moving pictures and sounds as to how to use and buy a product or service as well as provide other entertaining or informative content related to that product, service or industry. Overall, mobile video ads provide a better ad experience for an audience.

Where Programmatic Comes In

Beyond creating mobile video ads, using programmatic mobile video capabilities takes those ads’ potential to the next level by employing efficiency and data-based optimization as well as offering transparency and quality for brands.

  • Programmatic boosts efficiency by eliminating human errors and manual interventions, which may cause delays and losses of impressions and money.
  • To make generating mobile video ad impressions more optimized, programmatic crunches large amounts of first and third-party data in real-time to identify the best audiences in the best places online.
  • Finally, programmatic offers better and more measurable ROI for brands who can more clearly see where their ads are served and what audiences saw those ads.

Mobile video ads are the present and future potential for businesses and advertisers looking to find and engage audiences using the tool those audiences frequent most—mobile devices.