2019: The Tipping Point for Programmatic Video Advertising

We are quite excited to share our latest research report covering a detailed look at a broad spectrum of areas related to the programmatic video advertising industry. The data that the report showcases sheds light on how programmatic video advertising spends are steadily growing, how in-app ads are driving the market growth, stringent measures taken by industry to curb ad fraud, top advertiser & publisher categories, top video ad formats and many more actionable data points that will help marketers and programmatic buyers in their media buying journey. We hope you will enjoy reading it.

Download the full report here: https://chocolateplatform.com/programmatic-video-chocolate-report/

Key takeaways:

  • More brand spend (+33%) moving to server-side bidding. Chocolate‚Äôs programmatic platform saw a significant increase in ad spend by brand marketers on programmatic video ads. Utilizing the power of bid enrichment, in-depth targeting, viewability & fraud measurement, more and more marketers are moving to programmatic video advertising to achieve high ROI for their brand campaigns
  • Programmatic video is set to dominate the advertising world: Total programmatic video ad spending in US is set to cross $34 by 2020. Combined with rising digital video consumption (240 m+ digital video viewers in US alone by 2020) and adoption of programmatic advertising on new devices (66% global growth in programmatic OTT/CTV ad transactions in H1 2019), programmatic will take a prominent share of total digital advertising spends in coming years
  • Mobile Web publishers (3X increase in ad spend on Chocolate Premium) are increasingly moving to server-side auctions for better video ad experience for their users. In-App (+32% ad spend) is a 100% server-to-server auction and bidding system only since it does not support client-side technology. Hence, a majority of total digital programmatic video transactions will move to server-side in 2020
  • Ad Fraud is set to decrease significantly in 2020. The industry saw an 11% decline in ad fraud in 2019. Since further stricter measures & initiatives (like Sellers.json, OpenRTB Supply Chain Object App-ads.txt.,) are taken by industry collaboratively this year to optimize the supply chain the fraudulent players will find it increasingly difficult to eat into digital brand dollars in the coming year. Chocolate saw an overwhelming 97.74% Valid Traffic on its own programmatic platform in Q3, 2019
  • Retail (27%), Technology (24%) and CPG/FMCG (18%) are the highest programmatic video ad spenders. These marketers are set to further strengthen their ad spend as the holiday season campaigns come up in another 30-45 days
  • Food & Drink (21%), Arts & Entertainment (11%), Style & Fashion (9%) are top publisher categories for programmatic video ads. 60+ Publishers with 1100+ websites and apps are already on-boarded on Chocolate Premium, selling their premium inventory via server-side auction mechanism
  • Programmatic video ad experiences are improving. Latency for programmatic video ads is reduced significantly (98% of video ads served under 200 ms on Chocolate Premium). The overall video completion rate was 78%.