Programmatic Video Advertising Insights

Q3, 2019

Chocolate Premium Server Side Auctions

In this report, we take a detailed look at a broad spectrum of areas related to the programmatic video advertising industry. The data that follows sheds light on how programmatic video advertising spends are steadily growing, how in-app ads are driving the market growth, top advertiser & publisher categories, top video ad formats and many more actionable data points that will help marketers and programmatic buyers in their media buying journey.

Here are a few highlights of the report:

  • 33% growth in programmatic video ad spend in Q3’19 vs Q2’19
  • 98% programmatic inventory is in-app
  • 4X increase in direct inventory on Chocolate Premium video SSP
  • 78% avg. video completion rate on Chocolate Premium video SSP
  • 92% video ad impressions served under 150 ms exceeding industry benchmark for video ad latency
  • 97.74% Valid Traffic on Chocolate programmatic platform