Event Listeners

You may optionally track ad lifecycle events like request failures or click-through by implementing LVDOInterstitialListener. This interface may be implemented by your activity or any other object.

public interface LVDOInterstitialListener { // The interstitial has been cached and is ready to be shown. public void onInterstitialLoaded(LVDOInterstitialAd interstitialAd); // The interstitial has failed to load. Inspect errorCode for additional information. public void onInterstitialFailed(LVDOInterstitialAd interstitialAd, LVDOConstants.LVDOErrorCode errorCode) { Log.v(TAG, "Interstitial Failed" + errorCode.toString()); } // The interstitial has been shown. Pause / save state accordingly. public void onInterstitialShown(LVDOInterstitialAd interstitialAd); // The interstitial has been clicked. Take actions accordingly. public void onInterstitialClicked(LVDOInterstitialAd interstitialAd); // The interstitial has been dismissed. Resume / load state accordingly. public void onInterstitialDismissed(LVDOInterstitialAd interstitialAdl); }