Event Listeners

You may optionally track ad lifecycle events like request failures or “click-through” by implementing com.vdopia.ads.mp. This interface may be implemented by your activity or any other object.

// called when an ad is loaded public void onPrerollAdLoaded(View prerollAd); // called when there is no ad Public void onPrerollAdFailed(View prerollAd,LVDOAdRequest.LVDOErrorCode errorCode ); // called when an ad is clicked public void onPrerollAdClicked(View prerollAd); // called when an ad is completed public void onPrerollAdCompleted(View prerollAd); // called when the main content is prepared and ready to play public void onPrepareMainContent(MediaPlayer player); // called when an error occurred while main content was playing public void onErrorMainContent(MediaPlayer player, int code); // called when playing of the main content is completed public void onCompleteMainContent(MediaPlayer player);