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How Millennials Drive the Growth of Mobile Video

Mobile video views, including smartphones and tablets, more than doubled from third quarter 2013 to third quarter 2014. While omnipresent cat videos may have caught on with the population as a whole, Millennials are both key users and key targets for mobile videos as the trend continues to emerge.

For many people who enjoy watching videos, the bigger the screen, the better. But for an increasing population of Millennial video consumers, mobile devices are more convenient, accessible, portable, and a preferred method for watching video content. This is increasingly true as services like Netflix and Amazon Prime create original content and sway more users away from traditional cable and TV screens. The prevalence of short-form video content on social media is another principal driver for Millennials’ attention captured by mobile video.

Video publishing and analytics company Ooyala found that 30 percent of all video played in the third quarter of 2014 was viewed on a smartphone or tablet. According to eMarketer, the younger portion of Millennials, aged 14 to 24, spent the most time watchingsmartphone and tablet videos over any other age group. They were also the only group that spent more of their time viewing videos on screens other than TV, which includes smartphones and tablets in addition to computers and gaming devices.

More businesses are turning to mobile video as a way to interact with Millennials with content they love and ads for products and services they might want using a medium the age group already regularly consumes. Businesses who haven’t yet adapted to the mobile video craze could be left behind as more Millennials move to mobile devices to watch videos in the future.

Mobile videos are set on a course for growth with Millennials at the helm and show no sign of stopping anytime soon.