PR Survey Report 7 Aug

Only 31% App Developers are Satisfied With Their Current Ad Revenues Highlights Latest App Developer Survey Report 2018 by Chocolate

San Francisco, Calif., Aug 7, 2018, — Chocolate, a global leader in mobile video advertising, today announced the launch of App Developer Survey Report 2018. Focusing on app monetization, the survey report reveals insights about app developers’ satisfaction with current ad revenues, perceptions towards ad mediation and impact of in-app video ads like rewarded videos in boosting ad revenues.

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Key highlights of the report include:

  • In-app ad revenue miseries: Only 31% app developers are satisfied with their in-app ad revenues
  • Non-video ads are disappearing: Only 17% app developers are satisfied with their in-app ad revenues from non-video ads
  • Jumping on the ad mediation bandwagon: 54% app developers are willing to try ad mediation to boost in-app ad revenues
  • Factors for picking an ad mediation partner: No. of ad networks and ease of integration are the top two factors in choosing an ad mediation partner

PR Survey Report 7 Aug

“The survey report clearly states the fact that app developers are not satisfied with their current ad revenues and considering a majority of developers rely on ad-based monetization as their primary source of revenue, there is a critical need of putting power back in the hands of app developers” said Saurabh Bhatia, CEO, Chocolate “Our ad mediation technology provides multiple demand sources in a programmatic environment layered with unified auction technology, ensuring no bias towards any ad network, thus, delivering the highest bid every time. All this through a single intelligent SDK and a single sign-in, ensuring app developers spend no time managing multiple ad networks and maximum time at what they do best – creating fabulous apps”

“We are excited to launch our latest update of Salad Hunt to include 10 additional languages for both Android and iOS App stores,” said Telly Lee, CEO, Salad Hunters “For free-to-play apps like ours, ad-based monetization is critical for the business. We were looking for monetization partners who can offer rewarded video ads and guarantee a high Fill-rate. Chocolate’s user-friendly dashboard and a bundle of multiple demand partners gave us the confidence to partner with them”.

The survey report is based on responses from 102 app developers spread across 22 countries including top mobile app countries like the US, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, India and more. The survey was conducted between Nov’17 and Jun’18.

About Chocolate

Chocolate is a global leader in mobile video advertising. Chocolate offers two core products, Chocolate Marketplace, a global programmatic buying and selling platform for mobile video advertising and Chocolate Ad Mediation, an end-to-end monetization solution for app developers & publishers. Chocolate is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in San Francisco, CA, and India.