Chocolate Ad Mediation

Unlock the true potential of your mobile app inventory by monetizing with video ad mediation

6 reasons to monetize your app with Chocolate Ad Mediation

How Chocolate helps app developers monetize "more intelligently"


Universal Auction Model

Enhanced auction model that alleviates revenue loss due to traditional waterfall model

Universal Auction Model

20% increase in revenue

  • Highest Bidder Across Networks
  • Unified Auction Maximizes Revenue
  • Fair Ad Mediation

Traditional Waterfall Model

  • Highest Bid From Preferred Network
  • Outdated priority and Fixed CPM settings 
  • Biased Ad Mediation

Universal Auction Model

Creates unbiased competition among different ad networks that increases yield, CPMs and revenue

Universal Auction Model

 +20% Increase In Revenue

Traditional Waterfall Model

Unified Single View Reporting

A one-stop for all key metrics across all mediating ad networks

ad mediation reporting
ad mediation reliable

Reliable data that can be sliced & diced and shows comprehensive view of all KPIs

ad mediation strategy

Insights to improve your video monetization strategy

ad mediation intuitive

intuitive, Actionable and Real-Time that gives more power to app developers


I Highly recommend Chocolate

Moving to Chocolate for ad mediation has been one of the most positive steps for our company not only for increased revenue, but because of the cutting-edge technology and on demand support we are able to monetize with ease.

Aleksandar Kostoski Product Owner - Game Designer at Aeria Canada

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Success Stories

Rewarded Video Ads

How a Sports Entertainment App Doubled Revenue by Monetizing Unsold Ad Spaces

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Single Sign-In

Simple on-boarding process, seamless SDK updates

Allows App Developers to Focus on Monetization Strategies


Sign up and we manage your account creation and set-up for each advertising SDK partner you use for mediation


Get Started quickly with just single SDK integration for all demand sources. No need to integrate each partner separately, Chocolate Ad Mediation comes pre-packaged with different Ad networks (SDKs)

Manages Updates

All SDK updates from different demand sources are managed by us on back end – no hassle for you to keep up with latest versions of each SDK

Bring your Own Demand (BYOD)

A unique feature that allows developers to seamlessly add new demand sources

Allows flexibility to work with any demand source of choice

Advanced Filters

Device, OS. Geo, Frequency Caps, QPS  

Flexible Integration Options

Fast and single step integration using VAST or VPAID tags

Compete against SDK demand

Fast and single step integration using VAST or VPAID tags

Supports All Major AD Formats & Frameworks


ad mediation pre roll screen

Full Screen Interstitial

ad mediation interstitial

Rewarded Video

ad mediation rewarded

Native Video / Inview

ad mediation native video
Video Ad Mediation
Video Ad Mediation
Video Ad Mediation
Video Ad Mediation

Generate more revenue with rewarded video ads

Flexible Integration Options

Enabling varied integration options for mobile app publishers


One SDK Integration to access all major ad networks

SDK Lite

10X smaller than SDK build, has simple copy, paste code implementation

SDK Free

No client side update required and you can still utilize your current ad mediation  platform (VAST/VPAID)

Branded Video Marketplace

Leverage Chocolate Marketplace where leading global brand advertisers are looking for premium in-app video ad inventory

ad mediation branded video
Video Ad Mediation

Moat Powered Viewability Solution

Chocolate Ad Mediation SDK comes with MOAT SDK pre-built in for all ad units. MOAT viewability can be measured and data can be shared with demand partners, agencies, marketers, and platforms – enabling increased demand and interest in your app.