Technology that simplifies Mobile Video Advertising

Powered by .VDO


  • Our patented .VDO technology enables video ads on standard display ad units.
  • Convert your current TV/digital assets to our .VDO format in a simple and easy implementation and scale your reach across all devices.
  • Go and target audiences with auto play video ads across any mobile device and platform that too in a non-obtrusive native manner.
  • .VDO  ad units are Moat viewability measurable with Moat js Tag for mobile web and Moat SDK for mobile in-app 
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Chocolate Mobile Video Marketplace

Our global programmatic buying and selling platform coupled with our proprietary .VDO technology aims to deliver best video mobile advertising solution to our clients.


  • Simple approach to solving the complex problem of enabling video ads on mobile devices.
  • We upgrade your current inventory to multimedia capability without any additional investment.
  • Simply install Chocolate's HTML5 tags and make your banner inventory video enabled to earn much higher revenue. (Same banner inventory but multiple times the revenue!)

Proprietary .VDO Technology

Video Display Method(Patent Granted)
  • Title: Video Display Method(Patent Granted)
  • Publication No: US-2012-0194734-A1
  • Publication Date: 6/13/2013