Server-to-Server Bidding

A Leap Forward In Programmatic Advertising Technology


A process where entire bidding and auction happens on the server-side instead of within a client's browser. Server-side is a next step in the evolution of auction mechanism.


Client-side bidding and auction process is plagued with latency, low performance and lack of transparency issues. Server-side resolves all these issues and additionally optimizes the entire supply path.


Publisher sends a single call to an exchange/SSP server which in turn conducts the bidding among demand partners through a direct server-to-server connection. Winning bid is returned to Publisher's ad server.

Server-Side vs Client-Side Bidding and Auction

Server-side bidding alleviates the incompetencies that come with client-side and prebid.js based header bidding processes

Server vs client side header bidding auction
Server-Side Auction offers:

Easy implementation

Low latency

Shortest path to premium supply

No limit on no. of demand partners

Fast loading of video ads

How To Implement Server-Side Auction?

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