SDKVersionRelease DateNotes
Chocolate Core SDK2.7.02019-01-15• Support for Segments & AB Testing
• Tracking System Improvement
Chocolate Core SDK2.6.12018-12-17• Bug fix in the core for Chocolate Full Screen Interstitial and Rewarded Video Ads
• Bug fix for AppLovin - properly show previously loaded ad at show time
Chocolate Core SDK2.6.02018-12-10• initWithAdUnitID: is now mandatory
• saveAdUnitID: is deprecated and has no functionality
• iPad Support
• The adapters received a major version upgrade to 2.0.0, except for GoogleAdmob, which is at 1.0.0. Loading the new SDK core with the old adapters will produce errors.
• Google adapter has been split into ‘Google’ and ‘Googleadmob’ adapters. The ‘Google’ one is only used for preroll ads.
Chocolate Core SDK2.5.112018-11-27• Separation of Load Ad and Show Ad for InView Ad Unit
Chocolate Core SDK2.5.102018-11-20• Ability to show ad in any desired viewController
Chocolate Core SDK2.5.92018-10-31• Internal tracking improvements
• Auction logic enhancements
Google AdMob Adapter1.0.52018-10-31• Bug fix
Chocolate Core SDK2.5.82018-10-17• Enabled AppLovin Zone ID Support
Chocolate Core SDK2.5.72018-10-01• Yield Performance Improvement (Fix for device model macro issue)