SDKVersionRelease DateNotes
Chocolate Core SDK2.7.02018-12-17• Support for Segments and AB Testing
• Tracking System Improvement
Chocolate Core SDK2.5.112018-12-12• Made ChocolateIsInitialized static
• Bug fix for Preroll
Chocolate Core SDK2.5.102018-12-10• Tracking System Improvements
Chocolate Core SDK2.5.92018-12-03• Yield Performance Improvement
Chocolate Core SDK2.5.82018-10-12• Core Code Refactoring relating to Preroll Ad Unit
Chocolate Core SDK2.5.72018-10-05• Yield Performance Improvement (Fixed dnt macro issue)
• Tracking System Improvement
Chocolate Core SDK2.5.62018-09-28• Yield Performance Improvement (Fixed app store URL macro issue)
AppLovin Adapter1.1.02018-09-28• Enabled AppLovin Zone ID Support
YouAppi Adapter4.3.62018-09-28• Updated to YouAppi SDK 4.3.6