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Monetize your App with Video Ad Mediation

Chocolate Mediation offers 1 smart SDK that bundles together demand from leading ad networks

  • Creates competition and increases yield, CPMs and revenue
  • Single Sign-In saves time and effort to integrate multiple SDKs
  • Single point billing simplifies management and pay-outs from multiple networks
  • Supports all major video ad formats - Rewarded video, Native, Full screen, Pre-Roll
Video Ad Mediation


Our advanced programmatic mobile-video only marketplace

Monetize and earn much higher eCPMs by running video ads on any mobile display inventory using our advanced programmatic mobile video-only platform - Chocolate Marketplace. If you are a mobile web or app developer our suite of ad formats and patent pending .VDO technology will enable video ads on your inventory in the most cost efficient way.

programmatic mobile-video only marketplace
Rewarded Video Ad Units

Engaging Ad Units

Our full screen, rewarded, native and pre-roll video ad units are clickable and user preference controlled. These features provide balanced satisfaction for advertisers, publishers, and users. Publishers like it because it generates good return and scale. Advertisers like it because it performs. Users like the experience because they control the ad as the whole experience is non-obtrusive and native.


Jason Feffer

High-quality video ads are key to monetize a mobile game. Chocolate really understands the needs of game developers & has been instrumental in implementing these in
SB Bowling. We can now deliver ads while offering the best possible player experience.

Jason Feffer Vice President, Revenue Operations, Prodege, LLC

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Rewarded Video Ads

How a Sports Entertainment App Doubled Revenue by Monetizing Unsold Ad Spaces

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Easy Integration

Easy integration for publishers using either VAST/VPAID tags, SDK or SDK Lite. Our proprietary technology ensures a seamless and quick integration leading to most efficient video ad serving technology in real-time mobile environment.

Chocolate Ad Mediation SDK or SDK Lite

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