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Chocolate ad mediation is an app monetization platform helping publishers earn more ad revenue with in-app ads.


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Developers using Chocolate Ad Mediation

Maximize your app’s earnings

Chocolate Mediation platform offers 1 lightweight SDK bundled with 16+ ad networks that compete for your ad space, while you stay in full control of the process, to maximize your earnings.

Unified Auction with Header Bidding

Is the future of app advertising revenue. It is based on real-time bidding, with no latency, boosts competition and drives revenues ensuring an uplift of 30-40%

Segments and A/B Testing

Customize your in-app ad experience to boost engagement and retention. Test new advertising strategies in your app to maximize ad revenue

Maximize your ad revenue

Mediation enables multiple demand sources to bid programmatically for your ad inventory and selects the highest paying ad - based purely on competitive pricing, giving you an opportunity to earn the highest eCPM for every ad slot.

Get high fill rates

Chocolate Mediation SDK sources demand from multiple ad networks so you can get the maximum value and high fill rates for your ad requests.

Jason Feffer

Vice President,

Revenue Operations,

Prodege, LLC

High-quality video ads are key to monetize a mobile game. Chocolate really understands the needs of game developers & has been instrumental in implementing these in SB Bowling. We can now deliver ads while offering the best possible player experience.

Ad Mediation Enables Easy App Monetization

You work hard on developing your app. Intelligent Ad Mediation give you the power to monetize your app, it makes earning revenue easy with in-app advertising, unified auction, single sign-in and effective account management.

Boost Your Ad Revenue with Effective Video Ads Formats


User Friendly, Earn More

Ad Mediation Native Video


Maximizes Engagement, Best eCPM


High-performing ad format, Increases Revenue


Easy Integration, High Fill Rates

Integrate 1 SDK to Monetize your app

Universal Auction

Enhanced unified auction/ in-app header bidding model eliminates ad revenue loss due to traditional waterfall model &
increase eCPMs by 30 - 40%

Single Sign In

Simple easy integration/ sign-in that saves time and effort to integrate multiple SDKs &
reduces Integration time by 50%

Single Point Billing

Simplifies managing pay-outs from multiple ad networks

Account Management

24 x 7

global technical support allows quick on-boarding & On-Demand Support

Getting started is easy

Chocolate Mediation SDK is available for all development platforms used by App Publishers.

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