Android Banner

Banner Ads 300×250, 320×50, and 728×90

You can tap into Chocolate Exchange, AdMob, Amazon, AppLovin, Criteo, Mopub, and Facebook. You can also enable BYOD (Bring Your Own Demand) tags – in the format of VAST or VPAID – and have them compete with the aforementioned demand sources.

The best way to implement ads is look at the Sample code. We have both java and kotlin:

How to turn on ads on your ad unit

Please send us your sample app with the integrated code. We will help you validate the SDK setup and turn on the demand.

You can contact us via email:


Endless Ads in RecyclerView Sample

Here’s a sample that has endless inview ads in a RecyclerView.  As you scroll down, you see an ad every 5th position in a list of several thousand items.