App Monetization Insights for Game Developers

Global, Q1 2018

Chocolate Ad Mediation Playbook

The number of mobile phone gamers in the US alone is expected to reach 209 million by next year. This coupled by the exponential increase in In-App Ad spend by Advertisers. Is a resonation of the potential game developers possess to monetize their apps and earn increased revenues.

Through this playbook Chocolate provides the latest trends and in-depth analysis of:

  • In-App Advertising Revenue
  • Top Performing In-App Video Ad Formats
  • Top 10 Best Ad Networks & Demand Partners
  • Top Countries Based on Average eCPMs
  • Key Metrics like Ad Requests, shaping the In-App Advertising Landscape
  • How Rewarded Ads are Better Than Full-Screen Video Ads

It also helps game developers understand Ad Mediation, its benefits, and how to choose the right SDK for your gaming app.

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