App Developers Survey Report 2018

Global, Q2 2018

A Perspective on App Monetization, Ad Mediation & In-App Video Ads

Majority of app developers struggle to transform their fabulous apps into successful businesses. We delve deeper into finding how satisfied are app developers with their current ad revenues, their perceptions towards ad mediation and impact of in-app video ads like rewarded videos in boosting ad revenues. The key insights are served in Chocolate’s Q2, 2018 App Developers Survey Report.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Only 31% App Developers are Satisfied with their In-App Ad Revenues
  • 54% App Developers are Willing to Try Ad Mediation to Boost In-App Ad Revenues
  • Only 17% App Developers are Satisfied with their In-App Ad Revenues from Non-Video Ads
  • No. of Ad Networks and Ease of Integration are the Top 2 Factors in Choosing an Ad Mediation Partner
  • 56% App Developers Choose to Monetize Through In-App Video Ads

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