Rewarded Video Ads or Ad Mediation

Why app developers need mobile ad mediation now more than ever!

Top Free apps have at least 20 SDKs integrated into their app.

We looked at ‘Top Free Apps’ that are monetizing through ads and found that on Google Play/Android on an average there are 26 SDKs integrated into each app and the same number on Apple’s App Store is 21. Astonishing, right? Publishers & app developers are leveraging a multitude of partners from analytics to social to attribution to acquire maximum users, deliver a good in-app experience and gain insights to optimize the app performance.

With so many SDK partners already on board, app developers & publishers in order to maximize monetization are inclined to further add new SDK partners and integrate different ad networks & exchanges for demand to fill their ad inventory and maximize yield. What if monetizing is simplified with integrating just 1 SDK that sources demand from all major ad networks and offers maximum price for each ad request?


Checklist for Selecting a Mobile Video Ad Mediation Partner. Download PDF

Enter Chocolate Mediation SDK, an end-to-end powerful and flexible SDK that comes with immense benefits.

  • Universal Auction: Unlike Traditional SSP’s that employ a waterfall model which is inefficient and favors the top two partners, Universal auction ensures equal preference to all partners making it a true programmatic auction & thus resulting in 20% better yield
  • Bundled SDK: Apart from Chocolate’s own unique Demand, our SDK comes with pre-approved demand from Google, Vungle, Mopub, InMobi and Facebook ensuring your inventory gets a higher yield.
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Demand): You can bring your own demand and use our platform to execute it. You’ll have full control over your demand through our user-friendly UI.
  • Viewability: Our SDK is pre-approved by MOAT for viewability, ensuring your inventory is valuable to our advertisers and publisher get a higher CPM
  • Multiple Ad Units: From Interstitial, Native and Pre-rolls, you can choose the ad units you want to run. All our ads are IAB compliant and user controlled.
  • Granular Reporting: Our powerful reporting tools let you glean data making it easier to optimize and attribute revenue.

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