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Unlocking The Potential Of A Business Conference

The importance of networking cannot be overstated it often starts with finding the right mobile conference. These meets are the melting pot of opportunities and I’ll show you how to make the best of it.

  • Have crystal clear goals: Study the agenda and outline what you want to take away from it. Check who is attending and if they can add value to you. Don’t get lost in the crowd. Pick the right conference. Set meeting goals as to how many people you want to meet each day.
  • Do your homework: Send an email or tweet to the important people you want to talk to before the event telling them you would like to engage with them. Write down discussion pointers.
  • Book a room at the venue: A lot of networking happens outside the session halls. You can meet people in relaxed settings like the club or the breakfast buffet or even the lobby. If inviting people to your booth, keep some branded giveaways
  • Use a social discovery app: Well, it is a mobile app conference after all! So, why not use the device the right way? Discover people, schedule meet-ups with business matchmaking and meeting apps. Make friends.
  • Carry business cards: You may think this is old school, but it still works. There will be thousands of people at these events; give people something to remember you by and connect later.
  • Be personable:  Show interest in others rather than just selling yourself. Pay attention to what they are saying so you could use it in your next meeting with them.

Conferences can be a very powerful tool if used properly. It puts you in contact with all the important people. So, make connections, offline as well as online – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook – the world is your social oyster!

Happy conferencing!

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