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Mobile Ad Mediation Basics: This is what you’re losing with the wrong in-app ad SDK

The mobile ad system has evolved rapidly in the recent years, becoming a crucial way for mobile developers to monetize their applications.

Ad mediation platforms have especially helped the cause, but with so many SDKs to choose from, you might end up with the wrong choice.  

The implications of choosing a wrong SDK include:


#1 –  Miss out on ad networks: Ad mediation platforms enable access to a wide range of ad networks with the help of a single SDK. With a wrong SDK, you might not get all available networks, consequently losing the chance to expand your ad networks and generating more revenue.

#2 – Getting removed from the App Store: Apple removed over 250 apps from its App Store, because of sketchy third-party advertising SDK usage. Picking and using the right SDK1 to monetize your app becomes essential to hold and secure a place in the App Store.

#3 – Losing your potential ad revenue: By 2020, global spending on mobile is expected to reach up to $247.4 billion2. Failing to make a precise SDK choice will risk you losing a potential share of mobile ad revenue.

#4 – Staying irrelevant: The mobile app competition has become so fierce that 94.24% of all Android apps were accessible for free as of Q1 2018. With ads being the most sought after monetization strategy, such level of competition necessitates the use of right ad mediation SDK to get an edge over your competitors.

#5 – Ineffective SDK Integration: Instead of a single sign up for all your advertising platforms, a wrong SDK might require you to create separate accounts for each by integrating multiple SDKs. Also, the SDK may lack features like third-party integration and ad metrics, resulting in poor user experience and loss of premium advertisers.

Chocolate, a comprehensive and powerful ad mediation platform, provides a single SDK with easy installation and ability to reach out to quality ad networks, ensuring a seamless mobile experience for your users.



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