Video Ad Mediation

Monetize with rewarded video ads using ad mediation

Rewarded Video Ads

Give app users a choice to watch video ads in exchange for a reward which can be in-app virtual currency, additional life in-game, access to free content, etc.

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Grow your app revenue with rewarded videos

Less Intrusive to App User

Drives positive experience. No intervention or distraction during app usage or game play

High Engagement

Users Opt-in to watch the ad, resulting in high quality users & retention

Higher Revenues

Advertisers receive higher completion rates & brand recall, increasing demand and hence eCPMs for developers

Monetize With Rewarded Video

Best Practices for Rewarded Videos

Monetize with leading ad networks

Our video ad mediation platform sources rewarded video ads from leading demand sources

Our Mediation Platform Supports All Video Ad Formats


Ad Mediation Pre Roll Screen

Full Screen Interstitial

Ad Mediation Screen Interstitial

Rewarded Video

Ad Mediation Rewarded Video

Native Video / Inview

Ad Mediation Native Video