App Developers Survey Report 2018

Global, Q2 2018

Survey Report 2018

The report focuses on app monetization and reveals some interesting insights about app developers’ satisfaction with current ad revenues, perceptions towards ad mediation and impact of in-app video ads like rewarded videos in boosting ad revenues. The survey was conducted between Nov'17 and Jun'18 and is based on responses from 102 app developers spread across 22 countries including US, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, India and more. Few key takeaways from the report: Only 31% App Developers are satisfied with their current ad revenues, Just 17% App Developers are satisfied with their in-app ad revenues from non-video ads.

Ad Mediation Playbook | App Monetization Insights for Game Developers

Global, Q1 2018

The report highlights mobile ad mediation growth, key mobile gaming usage trends, top ad formats and most effective app monetization methods. It covers a wide spectrum of insights derived from over 828 million in-app ad requests in Q1, 2018. Some key highlights from the report: rapid growth in, in-app ad request (+229%), in-app ad revenue (+126%), 1.5X better eCPM offered by rewarded ads vs full-screen video ads.

This report will help game app developers understand ad mediation and leverage it to boost ad revenues.

Chocolate Marketplace Insights

Global, Q4 2017

The report provides latest trends and in-depth analysis on programmatic ad spend, top advertiser & publisher categories, ad formats and key metrics like view ability that are shaping the programmatic mobile ...

Programmatic Mobile Video Insights

United States, Q2, 2015

You knew that mobile video advertising is on fire, but did you know that Chocolate's latest quarterly growth outpaces the market by double? Full of useful stats and trends, Chocolate's Q2 VMI ...

Chocolate Mobile Insights - Telecom Report (US)

United States, Q3, 2014

77% of telecom mobile ad spend went to video and rich media ads. For the report, Chocolate analyzed telecom mobile ad campaigns that ran in the last year on Chocolate's network with a global reach...

Chocolate Mobile Insights - Multicultural Marketing Report

United States, Q1, 2014

Focusing on African Americans and Hispanics, the report takes an in-depth look at the mobile advertising ecosystem, including data related to mobile advertising trends...

Chocolate Mobile Insights - Entertainment Report (UK)

United Kingdom, Q3, 2014

Through this report, we look at the latest industry trends on entertainment consumption on smartphones. We have also monitored enter tainment campaigns on the Chocolate UK...

Chocolate Mobile Insights - Entertainment Report

United States, Q2, 2014

The entertainment industry is a diverse industry covering a wide range of sectors like TV, home entertainment, movies, live events & concerts and digital goods companies.

Chocolate Mobile Insights - Automotive Industry Report

United States, Q3, 2014

The automotive industry is now the third largest vertical in terms of mobile ad spend on the Chocolate network. This report provides an in-depth analysis of how..

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Wondering what the right AD MEDIATION PLATFORM

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