The Leading Programmatic Video Advertising Marketplace

Chocolate Marketplace is the world’s most powerful programmatic mobile, desktop and CTV video advertising platform.

Delivering Breakthrough Video Advertising

First ever video-only programmatic marketplace built from the ground up for advertising on mobile web, mobile apps, desktop and CTV. Integrated with top technology partners from across the spectrum to give demand and supply partners a unified platform for optimal efficiency in the complex mobile video ad landscape.

A highly functional marketplace offering top quality mobile video inventory with solutions that guarantee total transparency and brand integrity.

  • 60B+ Monthly Auctions
  • 190+ Leading Global Brand Advertisers
  • 9000+ Publishers
  • 35+ Demand Partners
  • Mobile App : Mobile Web (90%:10%)
  • 150 Million+ Unique Users in US
  • 95% auctions with device ID
  • All video ad formats
  • A dedicated team of Yield experts
  • Viewable and Brand safe impressions
  • Programmatic RTB - Open Marketplace, Private Marketplace (PMP) Guaranteed/Non-Guaranteed
Marketplace Maximizes Mobile Video

Maximize Value of Your Advertising Spend

IAB compliant mobile video ad formats that scale. Seamless and easy integration across Mobile Web and Apps.

Direct integration with leading supply partners to offer premium mobile video inventory with one single integration.

End-to-end system to detect and prevent fraud while improving viewability, brand safety and media quality.

Maximize Yield & Monetization

Gain access to our premium demand sources with easy and quick integration through SDKs or tags.

Dynamic demand competition for each impression in real-time to provide premium eCPMs and high fill rates.

Power your placements with the highest quality mobile video ad formats complementing your app experience.

marketplace maximizes monetization

Extensive Focus on Ad Quality

Bid confidently on every impression - Most granular, transparent dashboard to analyze fraud levels, types, viewability rates, and brand safety risk

Ad Fraud
  • - White Ops and Pixalate verified inventory (Detection across 500 metrics such as IVT type, viewability, and ad performance)
  • - 500+ Publishers where Chocolate is a verified Ads.txt authorized seller
  • - MOAT certified
  • - Transparency across all metrics
  • - Real-time dashboard
  • - Available on Mobile web & app
  • - Real-time analytics and reporting in an easy to use dashboard
  • - Powered by Sigmoid, a full stack real-time analytics tool

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High Performance. Data Driven

Our advanced machine learning algorithms deliver better ad performance and higher ROI. With self learning algorithms our platform increases efficiency of each campaign by constantly analyzing multiple parameters of early to late indicators of campaign performance.

marketplace data driven

Our Trusted Partners

Chocolate Marketplace integrates top technology partners - White Ops for fraud detection & prevention, Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) for transparency in the digital supply chain, Sigmoid for real-time reporting -  to give a unified brand safe, viewable and 100% transparent one-stop platform for complete planning, buying & measuring of mobile, desktop and CTV video ad campaigns.