Mobile Video Ads | Programmatic Advertising

Chocolate Marketplace is a leading platform for programmatic buying and selling of mobile video advertising.

Mobile Video Ads Meet Programmatic Buying and Selling

First ever mobile video-only programmatic platform built from the ground up for advertising on mobile web and apps. A 100% transparent, brand safe and viewability measurable platform, Chocolate Marketplace is designed for brand marketers and demand partners who want a highly functional marketplace platform that offers top quality mobile video inventory at significant scale with complete transparency.

  • Machine Learning
  • 35+ Third Party Partners
  • Vast
  • .VDO
  • 10,000+ Publishers
  • Programmatic RTB
  • Programmatic Direct
  • Mobile Web & App
  • 150 Millon+ Users in US
  • Integrated with leading DSPs & SSPs
marketplace maximizes mobile video

Maximizes Mobile Video Reach & Scale

Chocolate Marketplace works uniformly across mobile web and apps across all major OS. Using our unique proprietary .VDO technology marketers can scale their video ad campaigns on mobile and reach up to 150 million unique users.

Maximizes Monetization

With easy and quick integration through SDKs or tags publishers can leverage .VDO technology to turn their current display inventory to video and earn much higher eCPMs.

marketplace maximizes monetization

High Performance. Data Driven

Our advanced machine learning algorithms deliver better ad performance and higher ROI. With self learning algorithms our platform increases efficiency of each campaign by constantly analyzing multiple parameters of early to late indicators of campaign performance.

marketplace data driven

Leading Partner Integrations

Chocolate Marketplace integrates top technology partners to give a unified one-stop platform for complete planning, buying & measuring of mobile video ad campaigns. Our partnerships include areas of audience verification, brand safety and view-ability, third party data on-boarding, location targeting and ROI Measurement.

Advanced Audience Segmentation & Targeting

There are more than 2,200 primary behavioral attributes resulting in 6MM possible permutation. Using this data, We can identify exact match that will lead to optimal campaign delivery and results. Pet lovers, Soccer Moms, In-market for SUVs, Internet shoppers, Fast-food Lovers, Technology enthusiast, Social butterflies, Urban trendsetters.

marketplace audience segmentation targeting