Game Developer Challenges

7 Things all game developers face

Programming is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and game developers, in particular, have recently come to the limelight in a big way. Whether or not you are the typical hoodie-wearing nerd, more often than not, you are stereotyped and have to face and overcome some common challenges. Here are some of them:

  1. Stereotypes:

    Yes, stereotyping is number one on our list as almost all game developers have faced at some point of time. You might actually be the one trying to break away the stereotype and tell the world that a homemaker too could be a game developer, but you just can’t help being stereotyped. In fact, this gender-based stereotype extends to the consumers too. We believe games are a boy’s thing even though a 2017 US survey suggests that 60% female respondents play mobile games every day as opposed to 47% males.

  2. Funding:

    Lack of funding can be a typical challenge for all of you in this business. It’s obviously difficult to convince people to fund your skills and passion. No funding means very few incentives for other people to work for you, which limits your resource pool to yourself. This means you will have to be working at other part-time jobs to pay the bills, and to sustain yourself. But that’s basically how Kickstarter runs its business. By enabling people with ideas to make them happen. So, if you try hard enough, you’ll find a way. I mean, one mobile game raised as much as $148,003 from Kickstarter, 148% of the original target.

  3. All things legal:

    This can make the game development world go berserk. Often, multiple people are working together to finish the project when creating a game or software application. I mean, we all know about the popular Facebook ownership feud. It’s important to keep the paperwork clear from the get go and have proper understanding of who owns what. It can save you a lot of trouble later and help you monetize your app/game.

  4. Flooded market:

    The competition is getting stiffer day by day. With so many people leaving large established companies hoping to work on their favorite ideas, you are not the only one in the game, pun intended. The market is flooded with too many apps and losing yours in the crowd would not be very surprising. So, while more and more people are joining the industry, you need to keep honing your skills to stay a step ahead.

  5. Publicity:

    Having so many big names in the field can be a little overwhelming and building your own brand might often seem an uphill task. Independent developers often turn to social media and various blogging platforms to be heard and seen. You need to use your creativity to the brim here. And for the times you feel demotivated, look at indie game developers like Ustwo Games and Fireproof Games, who have made their mark in the gaming industry.

  6. Cross-platform experience:

    You want to create a multi-OS game but that requires higher budget or team members who can code for different operating systems. Then comes the challenge of optimization for different screen sizes, because game meant for a smaller screen mobile phone would not look the same on a tablet.

  7. Right target audience:

    It is indispensable to identify the right target audience for your game. Different games appeal to different audiences. Some games can garner attention from the masses, while others cater to a niche segment of gamers. You must do a comprehensive target market analysis to arrive at the best fit for you. You can exploit various tools or surveys platforms to identify your target audience.

While these are the seven of the most common challenges every game developer faces; monetizing the app also becomes a task for most of them. But worry not. Try Chocolate Platform Ad Mediation SDK to monetize your game and make the most out of it.



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