Rewarded Video Ads or Ad Mediation

3 strong reasons why app developers must choose a Video Ad Mediation Platform to maximize their in-app advertising revenue.

What is Ad Mediation?

Ad Mediation is a technology that maximizes the advertising revenue for mobile app developers by managing end-to-end processes for monetization. This technology increases monetization by ensuring competition between different demand sources/ad networks. It also provides enhanced reporting, easier on-boarding of different ad networks and algorithms for yield management

3 key reasons for choosing a video ad mediation platform to maximize revenue:

  • Creates competition and increases your CPMs: A good Video Mediation Platform gives you the ability to add and manage multiple ad networks/demand partners and let them compete with each other for your supply in a unified auction model (popularly known as in-app header bidding). If there are more ad networks competing for your supply, you are likely to generate more revenue. A good mediation platform does exactly that for you.
  • Saves time and effort to integrate multiple SDKs: You don’t need to worry about managing and adding multiple advertising SDKs from different partners. The mediation platform offers you a one-stop, one-integration solution. A good Mediation Platform comes pre-packaged with different Ad networks – SDKs. This saves your huge efforts and time and adds greater convenience. You have to just integrate one SDK and you are ready to go. It also manages future updates and troubleshooting for you.
  • Simplifies management and pay-outs from multiple networks: A Smart In-app Video Mediation Platform aggregates the payment from all different ad networks and enables a single-point for billing. This makes the pay-out process faster, reliable and hassle-free allowing you to utilize your time efficiently on other more important aspects like user acquisition, engagement etc.

A flexible and powerful ad mediation platform, such as Chocolate Mediation, offers a simple, fast, and reliable interface with additional benefits like payment aggregation, ad viewability measurement (MOAT SDK pre-built-in), consolidated reports, and a hassle-free, single point billing system. What’s more? App developers can monitor the individual performance of each ad network, eCPMs, as well as the fill rates!

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